Launch: Moore Development Management

  • Date
    05 Sep 2022
  • Author
    David Moore
  • Categories
    Business Update
Launch: Moore Development Management

David is delighted to launch Moore Development Management, a progressive client-focussed business that oversees and advises on the promotion and delivery of strategic land. It will provide an end-to-end development management service tailored to the needs of its clients who it will work with to agree and implement strategies that ensure their objectives for their land are realised.

David says, “Opportunities exist throughout the lifecycle of a project to manage risks, embed legacy and maximise returns. Partnering with Moore-DM, an experienced, capable and motivated development management business, will ensure this is achieved through the sourcing, design, promotion, planning, delivery and disposal phases of a project. I am delighted to be able to offer this service to an assortment of clients which include family offices, estates, corporates, promoters, housing associations and the public sector.”

The new brand was created by Bristol based design agency, Kubiak Creative. The brand graphic represents the M in Moore creating a striking and iconic symbol and can itself be broken down into its separate elements to become new infographics from single lines to directional arrows. The bright, contemporary colour palette represents the confident, forward-thinking approach Moore Development Management takes in their approach to business.

The business is owned and managed by David Moore, a Chartered Surveyor with sixteen years of experience in the property advisory and development industry. His most recent role was as Development Director leading the regional strategic land and master developer division of St. Modwen Properties and a team of land, planning and delivery professionals that managed a portfolio of 10,000 homes across 12 sites at various stages of the planning and delivery cycle.

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Moore DM provide an end-to-end development management service for strategic land spanning the lifecycle of land promotion, planning and delivery that is tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients.