Delivering Moore for your land

  • Date
    15 May 2023
  • Author
    David Moore
  • Categories
    Business Update
Delivering Moore for your land

Following increased interest in the services of Moore Development Management from landowners and their agents, we have produced this brochure which sets out who we are, what our development management role typically involves and how our approach delivers our clients "Moore" for their land.

Moore-DM's role is to advise and manage a development project from conception through to implementation and we have set out a typical scope for this role and the stages of the process within our new brochure. With a broad experience across both planning and development, our approach combines the advantages of both the promoter and housebuilder routes to delivery. However, where our approach differs is the fact that our landowner clients retain autonomy over the design, layout and delivery of their land which is really important in maximising returns, delivering community and environmental benefits, managing risk and safeguarding reputation and legacy.

As David explains "ultimately it is up to our clients, not us, to determine the level of involvement they require and the outcomes they want to see delivered and it is our role to tailor our service and the strategies we pursue accordingly. This level of alignment of interest is rare within the industry and very much sets our approach apart".

The brochure was produced by Bristol based design agency Kubiak Creative who also created Moore Development Management's original branding and logo.

Download a copy of our brochure: "Delivering Moore for your land"

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Moore DM provide an end-to-end development management service for strategic land spanning the lifecycle of land promotion, planning and delivery that is tailored to the needs and objectives of our clients.