North Somerset

Locking Parklands

Redevelopment of a former RAF base near Weston-super-Mare into a mixed-use community to include new primary and secondary schools, 1,450 homes, 30 acres of employment and leisure accommodation, and 80 acres of open space.

David led this project during his employment with St. Modwen between 2018-22 and the achievements listed below relate to his time as Development Director of the project.

Project Summary

Locking Parklands
  • Project
    Brownfield regeneration
  • Size
    200 acres
  • Planning Status
    Outline Permission (2015)
  • Use
    Mixed to include 1450 homes
  • Partnership
    St. Modwen and Homes England

Moore Achievements

  • Collaboration with multiple landowners and stakeholders to agree on routing, design, funding and delivery of shared infrastructure across the wider strategic allocation known as Weston Villages.

  • Substantive renegotiation of Section 106 obligations and contributions to allow North Somerset Council to deliver the Primary School and Spine Road themselves.

  • Servicing and disposal of 30 acres of land for the delivery of a GP surgery, Primary School, Secondary School and in excess of 300 homes.

  • Working with the design team and local authority to agree on amendments to the original outline consent to accelerate delivery and unlock additional value.

  • Chaired the Community Interest Company which facilitated a strong and integrated community by engaging residents in decision-making and in organising activities, events and communications.

  • Worked with a variety of stakeholders to establish one of the country’s first Covid-19 pharmacy run vaccination centres at the development.

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